Why Visit a Spine Surgeon

You possibly think that if you suffer from back pain a chiropractor can resolve the issue for you. Or, you can go to your doctor who will tell you to take a few anti inflammatories to treat the pain. Sure, this might work for the short term, but what do you do when the pain returns two months down the road? How about one year later, when you are not able to get out of bed and walk without pain? The sooner you visit the right specialist, the easier it is going to be to treat the underlying conditions you are suffering from. 

Back pain might be a sign of more than an injury you are suffering from or inflammation. It might be more than just sleeping incorrectly on your back and waking up with pain. A spine surgeon will not only diagnose the true issues which are causing your pain, but can also come up with a plan of attack to help you get rid of that pain. In some cases, you are going to have to go under the knife and have a surgical procedure performed. However, in other cases, there is more than one way for a spine surgeon to help you in treating that pain, and manipulating it, if you do not want to have surgery.

Dr. Lanman is not only a leader in LA, but is also an honest surgeon. He is going to sit with you, get to know what is causing your pain, and is going to work with you, to figure out the best approach to treating it. If you have to undergo a surgical procedure, he is going to inform you as early as possible so you are fully aware of what will be required to help get rid of your pain. If, however, there are alternatives, he is also going to discuss this with you. 

No matter what is causing your pain, you might want to consider visiting a spine surgeon if the other treatments you have tried in the past did not work or if you are still suffering from pain. The sooner you address the problem the easier it is going to be to resolve the issues and help you live a pain free life once again. So, make sure to visit our site, schedule your visit, and talk to the top LA-based spine surgeon, to help you live a pain free life in no time.