How To Plan A Memorial Service Checklist

It is a difficult time when you lose a loved one. It is even more difficult, however, when you do not know what their final wishes were. Whether they wanted to have a funeral or cremation, if they wanted to invite friends and family, or just preferred something simple. You can avoid the questions, by simply talking and planning with the crematory in anticipation of death. It is not a welcome conversation and it is one which most families would like to avoid. But, it is the best way to ensure all final wishes are met, when you do have to say goodbye to a loved one.

Plan early

With a crematory, you can plan in advance for the cremation, funeral, and other services your loved one would like to have. Some things that preplanning allows for includes

  • Choosing the casket or urn, deciding on a location together, and understanding what will be included in the services
  • Making sure you can choose whether they would like to have a religious ceremony or not
  • It is a good way to pay in advance and lock in the rates. The price of cremation and funerals tends to rise each year, when you plan early and pay for the services in advance, you do not have to worry about the increases in pricing when a loved one does pass away

Additionally, the crematory can do additional work on your behalf. They can help set up flower services and contact family members. You can post an obituary, and you can take the time to thank family and friends with warm wishes and greetings, if they did come to the service. You can allow the right facility to do these things for you, so that you can worry about grieving and saying goodbye to your family member in the way you want to say goodbye to them when they do pass away.

Every family and individual has different wishes at the time of death and will want something a little different as it relates to their funeral or to the cremation services they would like to have conducted. That is why you need to plan early and discuss these things, while the person is still living. Doing this ensures they are going to have their final wishes respected, and it also ensures you can grieve and make peace with their passing, at the time of the funeral or cremation services.