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Benefits of Invisalign

If you’re one of the many people who want straight teeth, then having braces is the best option to achieve that goal. However, getting braces may be challenging for some. This is why more people than ever before are turning to Invisalign. As a good alternative to traditional metal braces, these are a few benefits you may want to consider.

Easy to Clean

Traditional braces can’t be removed and so are more difficult to clean. Whether you’re eating out or enjoying a family meal, you may struggle with keeping your metal braces clean. And forget about eating anything sticky or touch either. However, with Invisalign, you can remove the braces for meals easily. Since they can be removed, you can also clean them easily and put them in after you’ve brushed your teeth for easy cleanup.

Fewer Office Visits

With metal braces, you’ll have to make fairly regular visits to tighten the rubber bands or wires. Invisalign gives you the freedom to enjoy fewer office visits while also ensuring that your teeth are going through the repositioning and alignment process. When you start the program, you receive the trays for your current phase and usually a few phases. You will still have to visit the office but the visits will be less frequent. Whether you’re getting your Invisalign Studio City area or are coming from farther away, you’ll find that your schedule is much less busy.

Improved Comfort and Appearance

When you want to look your best, the idea of metal braces isn’t always the best option. While there’s nothing wrong with them, they can make people feel uncomfortable. You may also find that metal braces are more uncomfortable. They can irritate sensitive mouths and gums. With Invisalign braces, the discomfort is minimal and usually not uncomfortable at all. They allow your teeth to transition to a straighter configuration gradually while also ensuring that you don’t have irritation in the process. Most people report being happier overall with this option.

Finally, Invisalign is readily available and shouldn’t take longer than metal braces to straighten your teeth. While it may not be the best option for each person, make sure to talk to your dentist to determine if this is a good choice for you. Once you have them in place, you’ll often find that it’s a great fit and minimally disrupts your current life while you’re working on getting a better smile.… Read the rest


5 Tips and Ways To Maintain A Strong And Healthy Spine

Apart from being one of the primary braces that keep the body uptight and flexible, the spine is also essential to the nervous system. As such, it protects the spinal cord, a series of nerves that enables movements by connecting the brain with the rest of the human body. However, due to aging, unwanted accidents, and illnesses, the spine’s strength and capacity can deteriorate or, worse, become disabled. If you’re worried about these risks and want to take action as early as possible to prevent such things, this article can help. Below, we’ll briefly discuss the ways to maintain a strong and healthy spine for life.

1. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Like other parts of the body, the back and spine also benefit from regular exercise. However, since most people don’t have time to spare for proper workouts, one can get by with simple tasks like stretching, situps, and pushups at least 10 minutes a day. While it’s not a total guarantee to a healthy spine, it should alleviate and prevent recurring or even chronic lower back pain.

2. Follow a healthy diet

Since food can affect the body, it’s essential to favor meals that make the back/spine healthier and avoid those that can cause adverse consequences. In the process, one should consume more proteins from meat or plants, dairy products (Calcium), fruits, vegetables, fish, and even herbs/spices. On the other hand, it’s ideal to refrain from consuming sugary and oily foods, red meat, refined grains, and processed meals.

3. Maintain proper posture when working

Proper posture is vital to preserving the health of the spine and preventing future surgeries. When working, mainly using a computer or other digital devices, it’s necessary to prioritize ergonomics and ensure correct back posture. In detail, a person can follow these steps:

  1. The back should sit straight against the chair.
  2. Both the neck and hip must relax in a pillow or other soft cushioning object.
  3. The monitor or screen must be at eye level to avoid slouching.
  4. Both arms should rest naturally on the chair’s armrests.
  5. Both knees must be at 90 degrees, and the feet should rest on the floor or an angled footrest.

4. Sleep and use pillows correctly

Regarding sleeping, there are different ways one can try to protect the back/spine. In detail, when sleeping on the back, using a pillow that supports the natural resting position of the neck and putting a cushion underneath the knees reduces the stress of the lower back. On the other hand, for side sleepers, placing a pad between the legs does the same thing, and using a thicker pillow helps level the head/neck against the shoulders.

5. Try massage therapies

While not everyone likes massage therapies, such methods can benefit the body, including the back/spine. As such, massage therapies can promote good blood flow and endorphin release and loosen tissues/muscles, reducing spasms or severities of injuries. Accordingly, these remedies can help prevent back surgeries in the future, where one might decide from artificial disc Read the rest