Benefits of a Background Check App

For a business in the twenty-first century, a background check app makes good business sense. There are so many reasons to investigate your potential employees’ histories, and you owe it to your business to take employee screening seriously.


But… Doesn’t a background check seem a little excessive? Let’s re-frame that. Does wanting the best employees to seem excessive? Is the desire to avoid bringing violent criminals, thieves, and sex offenders into your workplace a little too far fetched? Does valuing the safety of your managers, employees, customers, and clients sound absolutely ridiculous? Of course not! Can you sleep at night with the knowledge that your hiring decision may hurt someone in your company? With a background check app, you can rest easy knowing that the people your company has chosen to hire are not a danger to you, your business, and your stakeholders.

The Bottom Line

A good employer owes it to their employees and the public-at-large to maximize their safety when doing business with you, but another vital benefit that a background check app has to offer is the increased quality of your hires. Think of it this way: if a potential hire has not disclosed their criminal record to you or your hiring managers in the screening process, they have essentially lied to you, and that is not indicative of good character, and it does not bode well for a trusting relationship with that person. If someone is OK with being dishonest in the screening process, then who’s to say they wouldn’t be dishonest when it comes to their job performance?

A record is something that any employer would undoubtedly want to be aware of, so it only makes sense to take advantage of any resource that will disclose such a fact. Hiring and training a new hire is a cost-intensive process, so vetting an applicant’s criminal history filters out the expensive high-risk investments from your talent pool. If a customer, an employee, or even a bystander are injured or criminally wronged by one of your company’s employees, then the business may be liable. Even if they don’t have a good case to sue, your business will still need to hire legal representation to prove that. If you hired an employee without a background check, such negligence won’t work in your business’s favor in court. A background check isn’t only the right thing to do, but it’s a necessity for businesses who want to stay in the black.

You May Lose Out on Contracts!

While you may be OK with hiring a felon or another offender, other businesses, organizations, and government entities may not be so keen on it. Contracts with the military, the government, hospitals, and private industries dealing inexpensive products or controlled substances may prohibit individuals with criminal histories from working on their premises or with their personnel. Missing out on these contracts is akin to throwing money in the toilet.

Neglecting the moral imperative to screen applicants with a background check is simply bad business. With an app, it’s easier than ever, so there’s no excuse to protect yourself, your company, your employees, your clients, and your customers by properly vetting your applicants.