The Way I’m Wired

The Way I’m Wired | Discovering who God made me to be.

The Way I'm Wired FlyerDiscovering who God made me to be.

Discover things about your own personality and the personalities of those around you. Understand how you can use your special gifts and talents to serve God and help others.

Parents, Youth & Jr. Youth are encouraged to attend.
Please bring your iPad, iPod, Tablet or Laptop with you so you can take the online Personality Test.


Registration: 11:00 am
1st Talk: 12:00 pm (Dr. Salam Soliman)
Lunch: 1:30 pm
2nd Talk: 2:30 pm (Dr. Salam Soliman)
Coffee break: 4 pm
Q & A – Closing Session: 4:30 pm

There will be special program for elementary school

Please fill the Registration Form below or call Fr. Andrew 203.455.7447

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