You are God’s Beautiful World!

From time to time a person feels that his life is empty and meaningless, similar to the rugged land “without form,”
void of splendor and beauty, a useless life, surrounded by “darkness” (Gen. 1:2). Or like a debased life which deserves to fall under God’s wrath, such as in the time of the flood, from which no one was saved, except Noah and his family in the ark, and when the dove found no resting place (Gen. 8:9).

This is exactly the feeling of many youth today, especially when they find themselves enslaved to their lustful desires, their bodies captivated by sensual pleasure, and their hearts become tombs full of filth! Will God leave us in such a state? Certainly not! God’s Holy Spirit, who “hovered over the face of the waters” to create a beautiful world out of desolation (Gen. 1:2), is still working in the waters of Baptism to create out of those baptized a glorious spiritual world!

My dear youth, the Spirit of God is still hovering in your heart and mine, through the tears of repentance (the second
baptism) in order to renew within us a heavenly world. He is always occupied thinking of you, as you are His beautiful world!

Fr. Tadros Malaty

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